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Re: bash: /dev/lp0, /dev/lp1 and /dev/lp2 no such device

Notice how hard this is to read without any paragraph breaks.  Plesae
separate paragraphs in the future.

On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 07:30:17PM -0400, John Kittel wrote:
| Running IBM PC DOS 7.0 using the word processor
| NOTA BENE the EPSON printer on the parallel port
| (DOS LPT1) correctly prints a file. Running Debian
| 2.2r3 on the same PC the command lptest 36 7 > /dev/lp0,
| /dev/lp1 and /dev/lp2 returns bash: /dev/lp0, /devlp1 and
| /dev/lp2 no such device. The access modes for lp0 and lp1 
| are crw-rw---- and lp2 is crwS--S---. lp0, lp1 and lp2 
| are in the /dev directory. The lptest 36 7 prints 7 rows
| of 36 characters on the crt. Aug. 27 I upgraded from 2.2r2 to
| 2.2r3. This did not help. Debina 2.2r3 will run x windows
| and ppp connects but 2.2r3 does not see the parallel port.
| The PC is P-II 450 mghz processor, Intel motherboard.
| Please email questions. Your help is appreciated.
| (:> John Kittel

Do you have the 

modules loaded?  'lsmod' will tell you.  If not run
'modprobe <mod name>' for each one and then try printing again.


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