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Re: Totaly OT: how to cut up pictures

On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 12:20:27PM -0700, Kamil Kisiel wrote:
> Hmm.. this has got me thinking, this kind of thing is very useful and could 
> probably be automated, I should write some gimp scripts to automate the 
> process... but I digress. Hope this works for you as good as it worked for me 

The automation has been done already.  It's called Perl-o-tine, and is
available from one of the sub-menus off the right mouse button menu in
an image.  It's mainly geared toward web developers, as it can (must?)
also generate HTML table code that you can drop in to a document which
will pull in all the smaller images.  This way, all you need to do is
define HREFs for any of the images that should be links.

You may not have to generate HTML table text along with the smaller
images.  I havne't used it in a while and don't recall.


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