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Re: realplayer as plugin

which scripts in which directory?  there are no scripts as far as i can
see (i looked in the package list).  i guess in addition to the afore-
mentioned problems, there is no way to set up konq to respond to the
pnm: and rtsp: protocols, are there?


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On Sun, 26 Aug 2001, Erik Steffl wrote:

> 'cduck' Chris Grierson wrote:
> >
> > i am going nuts trying to get realplayer either open with
> > it's plugin or with plugger or even just with the 'open
> > with application' setting in either konq or netscape.
> > realplayer works well, but i am trying to not have to click
> > 'open' and specify the path to realplayer when the browser
> > pops up the dialog after not being able to figure out what
> > to do with the data stream.
> >
> > if anyone has gotten it to work with plugger, did you also
> > have to change 'daemon, exits, swallow' to 'exits' as well?
> >
> > any enlightening tips would be appreciated.
>   check the scripts in the realplayer directory, they will show you how
> to configure the plugin (what to copy and where).
>   make sure that you put it in the place where netscape looks for
> plugins, not to whatever they specify as default.
> 	erik
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