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Re: XFree86\xf86cfg system crash


I'm having the same problem, and I also don't understand why thy ended with
XF86Setup. I read that they're working on a replacement, but until it's
available I guess the only thing to do is edit XF86 config manually...
Regarding the mouse, there's a document in Xfree86 docs about the mice and
its protocols.
They also advise about possible crashes on some systems after running
XFree86 - configure, so I guess yours and mine are some of those systems,
although I cannot explain why it crashes (maybe something to do with probing

good luck


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Subject: XFree86\xf86cfg system crash

> okay, so after learning that XF86Setup is not working anymore (why did
> do that? it seemed like a really good prog) i've installed
> etc. so that i could run XFree86 (and in effect, xf86cfg which is
> on it). So i installed the packages, and just ran XFree86 as root with no
> arguments to make sure that it was installed and everything, which it
>  Then I ran XFree86 -configure (one of the suggested XF86Setup
replacements i
> was referred to), and...... nothing. Screen goes blank and I have to hit
> ctrl-alt-delete several times before it reboots okay.  So then, being
> somewhat stubborn, I try to run xf86cfg which yields the same results.
> I should go with the old adage "If you want something done right, do it
> yourself" and edit the configuration file manually.  My dilemma is that my
> mouse isn't recognized.  When i just run the X sever by itself ( '$ X' ) ,
> starts but the mouse doesn't move, and startx complains about an invalid
> argument in relation to /dev/mouse.  So i guess i just need to edit the
> pointer section of the config file.  I've got the standard Microsoft mouse
> with a little roll button dealie, and pretty much a standard debian
> configuration, so what should i call the protocol and what's the device
> (and anything else i probably should tack on there)? Init isn't starting
> so i think its just a configuration file problem.
> But all the same, this xf86cfg thing has gotten kind of personal... i
mean, i
> just want to be able to get it to work for no other reason than its really
> bothering me (well, not that much but still).  So any theories a/b why
> xf86cfg and XFree86 -configure are crashing my system?
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