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Help - Large Files Support

Hi all,

I've just now managed (after a few attempts) to install deb
testing/unstable, and find Debian to be unquestionably the best Linux
distro to date.

One thing I need help with is in getting large files support working.
Some of my uses (eg Freenet 0.4, which has its store as one large file),
require me to have files larger than 2GB (since I want to run a massive
data store). Being able to work with up to 16GB-sized files would
satisfy me totally.

Can someone please point me in the right direction for enabling Debian
to work with large files.
Can I do it without having to recompile the kernel or recompiling glibc

I tried 'apt-cache search large files support', and 'apt-cache search
lfs', but nothing meaningful came up.


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