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Re: Using lm-sensors

Ross Boylan wrote:

> I'm trying to use lm-sensors, so far with no luck.  The Readme.Debian
> is a bit unclear to me.  It says:
> To use lm-sensors, you need the lm-sensors module package and an i2c
> module package installed. You will probably need to build the modules
> packages from source, using the lm-sensors-source and i2c-source packages.
> If you have a 2.4 kernel or a recent 2.2 kernel, you can instead use the
> kernel's new built-in i2c support -- just enable it in the kernel config.
> Questions:
> I have a 2.4 kernel with i2c enabled.
> Should I be able to apt-get install lm-sensors and have it work?
> How do I know if I need to build from source?
> What am I doing wrong? :)

I needed to install from source.

If you go to the lm-sensors website you will see that the latest version
requires  the new i2c   (not the kernel default i2c headers).

I installed  the i2c source first and followed the QUICKSTART instructions:
cd to i2c dir and do make  make install  depmod -a
This installs the new i2c header files .

Then install the lm-sensors source and edit the Makefile so that
I2C_HEADERS points to the newly installed i2c header files then
run  make  make install  depmod -a  and the rest of QUICKSTART.

Probably some weirdness with my kernel-2.4.7-ac9 but i had to use
i2c-2.6.0 and lm_sensors-2.5.5 because i could not get lm_sensors-2.6.0
to compile.

I use gkrellm  to  display the info on the desktop.

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