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Re: gs and stp drivers

#include <hallo.h>
James D Strandboge wrote on Fri Aug 17, 2001 um 07:52:52AM:
> I recently bought an Epson Color Photo 780 printer because I read it

I use 680 (aka 777) but the quality of the drivers is the same.
First: don't take cupsys-driver-gimpprint from Sid, it's broken. Take
the Woody version, 4.1.7.

> is well supported under linux-- specifically gimp-print.  I use debian,
> and the latest drivers for gs were not part of woody/sid (it appears the
> maintainer is waiting for a later release of gs, which is more modular).

For what? gimp-print does the job with the current gs.

apt-get install kups cupsys-driver-gimpprint. Run kups and configure.

> PS-- I should note that I used lprng and apsfilter to get it going.

You are forced to use them if you _want_ gs (with stp/gimpprint
support). But I recomend to drop them and use CUPS instead.

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