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RE: Netscape as root, sndconfig

> "Holier than thou" attitude?  I think it's the best possible advice
> you could have gotten.  There are some really good reasons why you
> can't run netscape as root by default.

It may well be good advice, I even intend to use it, it just didn't answer
what seemed to me a perfectly reasonable and valid question.

>  At the risk of sounding
> "holier than thou," you really don't have a clue what you're doing if
> you feel the need to do normal user stuff as root.

One of the great things about Linux is the freedom of choice it offers,
letting me do things the way I want to. Any information and suggestions will
be gratefully accepted, but if someone tries to TELL me how to run my own
computer, or deride me because they don't agree with my methods, then can
you blame me for getting defensive?

> Consider Karsten's advice before bitching about it.

Yes, I have considered it. It just didn't answer my question, or back itself
up with any explanation.

This post was never meant to start a flame war, but that is what it appears
to have degenerated into. This will be my last response on this thread,
whoever wants to have the last word, this is your big chance...

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