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Re: Need Motherboard input for evaluation with Debian Woody

On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 10:56:12AM -0500, John Foster wrote:
> Anyone who has a few minuts to blow. I need input on the perfoemance of
> several motherboards with Debian and your experiences with both
> robustness as servers and performance as single user desktops in a
> graphics intense environment.
> 1. Asus P4T with 1.5 Ghz Intell P-IV cpu
> 2. MSI 850 Pro2 with 1.5 Ghz Intell P-IV cpu
> 3. Asus CUV4X-D dual P-III 1.13 Ghz CPU
> 4. MSI 694D Pro2 dual P-III 1.13 Ghz CPU
> Which is faster; dual cpu PIII or single cpu PIV. These machines will
> not ever be exposed to Microsoft software so I am only concerned with
> performance using Linux. I prefer Debian of course but anyone with
> experience with other distros are welcome. All boards will have memory
> of 2 Gb. And will be using a video card with 32 Mgb of memory.

I would never buy a P4. See http://www.emulators.com/pentium4.htm ...
I don't design processors for a living or anything like that, but I've
been following the technology since I did a paper on the K5 ... by all
accounts the P4 is simply a waste of money.

I notice you don't consider any Athlon boards ... I've read reviews of
the new dual Athlon boards with DDR RAM where they _fly_ ... and
that's before overclocking the processors :)

http://www.tomshardware.com usually has some good reviews.

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