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Re: Getting off the list

> I think there is a problem with the list-manager-software.
> I have been trying to unsubscribe from this list at home
> (I am writing from work and do not wish to unsubscribe)
> for a week now, to no avail...

A few weeks or months ago, this came up with a user who was a
college prof or something similar. He apparently tried to get
unsubscribed and it didn't work either. Eventually he said a
'nasty' message to the list... it started quite a thread. Some
people just can't resist a flamefest or aren't able to
*ignore* things...

People suggested then that the list-manager software *may* be
broken too. Just so happens I was going out of town for a week
and didn't want thousands of debian-user messages waiting for
me (along with a few other mailing lists). I sent an
unsubscribe message and it worked the first time. Go figure...


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