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Re: Unidentified subject!

>>>>> "gary" == gary p largess <bakerbob65@juno.com> writes:

   gary> I do not want to experiment with the computer I use for
    gary> work/school, but I have a "project" computer I would like to
    gary> install some version of Linux on.  133 Mhz Pentium less than
    gary> 300 Mb available hard drive 8 Mb mem.  All I want is a
    gary> version of Linux I can install on this machine, that has a
    gary> graphic interface (I have old/bad memories of DOS), I'm even
    gary> willing to pay a small amount.

While your Pentium CPU is more then powerful enough to run Linux you
would have huge problems running X (the linux GUI) with only 8Mb of
RAM, 16Mb would be fine if you can dig up some old memory chips and
stick to a light window manager, FVWM is my recomendation and runs
fine with 16 Mb.

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