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Unidentified subject!

Dear debian;
I would like to learn something about Linux, but I finding it very
frustrating, I have visited dozens of sites looking for a OS, and they
all seem to be too small (1 or 2 floppies) or too big (over 300 M), or
they simply don't specify the systems minimum requirements.

I do not want to experiment with the computer I use for work/school, but
I have a "project" computer I would like to install some version of Linux
	133 Mhz Pentium
	less than 300 Mb available hard drive
	8 Mb mem.
All I want is a version of Linux I can install on this machine, that has
a graphic interface (I have old/bad memories of DOS), I'm even willing to
pay a small amount.

I look forward to hearing from you;
Gary Largess
Tipton, Iowa

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