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Re: Unusual filesystem/memory corruption

John Toon wrote:
> On 11 Aug 2001 21:06:52 -0500, Mike Brownlow wrote:
> > VIA. It's a KT133 chipset on a Asus A7V. The drives are on the ATA100
> > promise controller.
> That's very similar to mine (Abit KA7-100, with a VIA chipset, Highpoint
> hard disk controller).
> If you build a correctly configured 2.4.[3-8] kernel with the necessary
> options you should definitely be rewarded by getting full DMA-100/32 bit
> access/etc. by default (all done safely) upon reboot.
> :^)

Okay. "correctly configured" meaning both PROMISE support as well as
VIA82CXXX support?

Of course with Genieric PCI bus-master DMA support and use PCI DMA by

I've fsck'd the drives now and the majority of errors were in
/var/lib/dpkg. I'm beginning to think that I ran a dselect update and
install and it stopped at a dialog somewhere after I went to bed....
could that have left some holes open for problems?

Other than the many FS errors during fsck, the filesystems have mounted
and appear to be normal. All of the data from partitions other than /var
only experienced "reboot without unmounting first" problems. Some really
messed up stuff happened in /var though.

Now, my new SCSI drive is very much faster than the IDE's. But the drive
itself is faster than the IDEs too. Independent of the controller
situation. But they resemble the speed I expected the IDE's to match. I
guess I'm comparing apples and oranges here though. Too many different
reasons why one would be better/worse.

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