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Re: Courier-IMAP

Hello Ramin,

* Ramin wrote:

> Just a guess:
> Maybe you need a "~/Maildir"?

This did'nt work. 
> Another possibility is to install "courier-ldap" and skip pam.
> You can then set the attribute names in authldaprc. Example:

O.k. I'll take a look at. But it seems authldap can't use SSL/TLS to
encrypt the sessions.

> ....
> LDAP_MAIL               mail
> LDAP_HOMEDIR            homeDirectory
> LDAP_MAILDIR            mailMessageStore

Hmm, where you find this attribute?
$ grep -ir mailMessageStore /etc/ldap/schema

> LDAP_CLEARPW            userPassword
> LDAP_UID                uidNumber
> LDAP_GID                gidNumber

Thanks for your response.



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