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Re: Create install-CD from /var/cache/apt?

>> Hi,
>> how do I create a usable installation CD with downloaded packages that
>> currently in /var/cache/apt?
>> I am running a standard Debian 2.2r3.
>> I just installed KDE 2.1.1 using dselect to fetch and install packages

>> from the net.
>> I need to install this standard setup on other Debian 2.2r3 computers,
>> I don't want to spend the hours downloading the same packages every time.

>> In some cases there will be no Internet connection to do that (or it will

>> be unacceptably slow).
>> So I would like to produce an installation CD with the packages in my

>> cache. I would like to be able to simply add that CD to the sources.list

>> as any other source, so I can use dselect to install.
>> I have tried looking at apt-move, but I do not comprehend its usage.
>> I have tried searching the lists for similar questions but I couldn't
>> any.
>If you have a cd burner you can use a program called Mondo.
>It will do a complete backup and restore of your system to bootable CD's.

>But you can selectively restore any subset of data on the CD.
>I use it to clone my Debian and Slackware systems to other partitons on
>hd. It makes a great disaster recovery disk, because you just boot the
>Mondo created CD and it automatically restores your system to the hd.
>It even will  re-partition your  hd's  and restore to different filesystems.

>I used it to clone my ext2fs to reiserfs on one partition and ext3 on 
>another. You can find Mondo at:

It sounds like a good clone and backup tool.
But my different systems will not be identical. Different users have different
programs installed. Thus I expect the different computers to have somewhat
different library and file versions.
Simply putting a backup of selected files from my computer onto other users'
computers I fear will overwrite some of their file versions in such a way
that it brakes some of their programs.

Can you confirm or disclaim this?

Best regards
Johnny :o)

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