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Re: Create install-CD from /var/cache/apt?

>On Aug 19 2001, Johnny Ernst Nielsen wrote:
>> The best solution someone had was installing a webservice on the
>> local computer so one could install the packages as if they were
>> pulled from the net.
>	Use apt-move to do that. It is quite easy to use (and the
>	version in woody is so much better than the version in potato)
>	and it will construct a small, local Debian mirror from the
>	contents of the debian packages that you have already fetched.
>	Just update your system, slap a boot floppies directory there,
>	burn that onto a CD-R and bingo: you have a brand spanking new
>	snapshot of woody in your own hands.
>	Quite easy and I've done myself this a lot of times (and also
>	with a lot of goodies like adding a Ximian Gnome and KDE tree
>	to a potato CD that I made to some friends).
>	There is no mistery in that.
So you say that apt-move is the _only_ tool I need to make an installation
CD off the cache contents?

I'm not very techy. The look I had on apt-move's man page did not make any
sense to me.

Anyway, perhaps I should have a second look at apt-move.
Where do I find information about the "slapping a boot floppies directory
I'm also quite new to Debian you see.

I do not want to put Woody stuff in my Potato unless I really have to.
I need my system to be as stable as possible.

Best regards
Johnny :o)

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