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Re: Linux on Sony PlayStation 2

Moin Rainer!
Rainer Keller schrieb am Mittwoch, den 08. August 2001:

> Hello,
> first off, sorry, if this post is completely wrong on this mailing
> list....
> At LinuxTag 2001 in Stuttgart, Germany, there was a Sony PlayStation 2
> with Debian Linux shown at the Debian booth.
> Unfortunately, I was at the LinuxTag, but not the booth.

Following is without warranty for correctness, I may be wrong:
Oliver M. Bolzer presented it, but he had to leave on ?Friday? because of
the university lessons. It was not the usuall PS2 which can be bought in
Europe, but a newer (?still unreleased?) version, which only beta
testers received. It don't have FireWire, but a harddisk instead.

And it was not a Debian system presented there, but a product of Sony, a
strange distribution based on RedHat and their own extensions. IMHO it
should not be too complicated to port Debian to it when the basic Debian
development apps are ported and an autobuilder can be setup.

The arhitecture: it is not SuperH, it is a variant of mipsel, called
mipsEEl or so (IIRC with EE for Emotion Engine). Oliver talked with a
guy which was more familiar with kernel development and the consens was,
it is mostly mipsel compatible except of two instructions missing in the
instruction set of this CPU. This instructions may be emulated in the
kernel, so may be possible to get the existing mipsel software running
on the Playstation 2 (second release).

> Now, I'd like to know, what it needs to get Linux running on such a
> machine, what kind of hardware is needed, and whether it's available in
> Germany, anyway ,-]]

Don't keep your breath...

Wenn die Verwendung eines Killfiles Zeichen einer labilen Persönlichkeit
ist, dann ist  es auch ein solches Zeichen,  den Fernseher abzuschalten,
wenn etwas Uninteressantes läuft.              (Mathias Warkus in dcoulm)

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