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OH NO! I can't login with any display-manager!!!

 Hi folks!
I installed newly Debian potato on my laptop and got the KDE 2.1.2 from kde.debian.net. Everything worked fine but one: I can't login with kdm. Everytime I try this, the login fails. But in textmode I can login without any problems. I think this is not a problem caused by kdm, because the same problem occured also if I try it with gdm or xdm. I tried it also with different times of new installations of the whole system. But now I have no more ideas what to do. I don't think that something is broken. The packages are all actual from the potato-servers. Could somebody give me a hint, please? I can only start my gui with startx. This should not be bad and is maybe sometimes better than the automized start of of X, but I'm really interested in the reason for this problem. Thank you very much!

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