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Re: easy twm question

Hi Robin,

You need a mouse with three buttons. Press the middle one with the mouse 
over the root window (your backround) and in the menu 
"window ops" that is appearing now choose the option "delete". 
You get a nice icon, I don't know the word ("Totenkopf" in German). Now 
put the mouse on the window you want to delete and press the left button.
Tadaa...window killed.


On Mon, Aug 06, 2001 at 03:18:26PM -0700, Robin Rowe wrote:
> Here's an easy one, I think. In playing with twm all I seem to be able to do
> consistently is minimize or resize. How do I close a twm window, and how do
> I get the window's menu to appear?
> I've tried every mouse combination I can think of, the man page is no help,
> and I can't find a helpful Web site. I even got a window's menu to appear
> without figuring out how I did it. Using stock Debian configuration. What's
> the trick?
> Thanks,
> Robin
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