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Re: debian solution's for donated computer

On 5 Aug 2001, at 13:51, Matthew Davidson wrote:

> Really what's needed is a stripped-down Debian-based distro for hardware
> reuse projects, with virtual packages like 'task-textnet' or
> 'task-xterminalserver'.  If anybody out there wants to co-operate on
> assembling this, I'm in.

 Hi Matthew:
   Yes this is more what I was thinking. A lot of these older 
machines are limited in harddrive and memory so usefullness for 
workstation and web browsing isn't practical. I was thinking more of
a learning station with heavy tutorial to learn about computer and 
debian. Maybe throw in some games to keep interest alive.
   The base install has a bland xwindow interface. Could this be 
used for a beginning xwindow config? Could one then use this for 
some games and perhaps a lite window? ( In fact I would think this 
would be a solution as far as a debian install for us newbies. Most 
new users couldn't care about using the upper limit of our devices. 
That would be a concern for later. If Linux's could be installable on
a 386 or 486 with game possibility on initial install (that is base 
install) this would give everyone a beginning with which to delve 
farther into the world of Linux. In my opinion this is why ms is so
popular. After all, take a look at all the books published on all the 
various ms products. One isn't an expert on them, you have to 
learn. Yet one is able to have a working computer that one can get 
work done frome day one (ie play a game). Sure ms requires 
device makers to have drivers that work with their os so they work 
on installation which allows them to recognize and utilize most 
devices from the get-go. But Debian has excellent upgrading 
possibilities through dselect, apt-get, dpkg, and the various 
configuation files. That doesn't mean that for those who want to 
further configure can't during install, but if one could have a working
386 or 486 xwindow with say a couple of card games for a default
installation this should cover any computer made. After all, the 
install is now using superprobe, All that is needed is a mouse 
configuation  which for the majority of systems needs either serial 
(ttyS0 or ttyS1) or ps2 (paux). 
  And like Mr Self advises, don't load up a lot of packages. but 
rather start with a base install and learn about a package before
installing. Easy enough to just terminate that portion of it. But what
is needed are instruction and manuals of base install and list of 
what is offered for downloading.
  Whoa guess I need to get off the soap box, sorry.  Dean
> Matthew.
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