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Re: Mutt questions

On Sun, Aug 05, 2001 at 10:11:31PM +0100, P Kirk wrote:
| Hi all,
| After being away from all this for a year or so, learning to make make
| mutt work again is proving a bit of a battle.
| One of the big changes in the last 12 months is that the top half of
| every other mail reads:
| [-- PGP output follows (current time: Sun Aug  5 22:04:05 2001) --]
| sh: gpg: command not found
| [-- End of PGP output --]
| [-- The following data is signed --]
| My first response was to wonder why bother PGP signing stuff for this
| list but I suppose its a generic setting.
| But how can I get mutt to stop showing it?  Especially in pager where it
| makes the pager useless.

Add the following line to your .muttrc :

set pgp_verify_sig=no

Alternatively you can install GPG and the necessary public keys so
that you can actually verify the signature.  I have yet to do this.

| Another puzzlement is the interaction of mutt and vim.  I use the arrow
| pad to move about.  This works fine in command mode but in insert mode
| it fills the page with block capital AAAAABBBBB in vertical bars.
| Anyome know what might cause this?  Not being able to move about in
| insert mode is a real pain if you do it instinctively.  

(This has nothing to do with mutt, BTW)
In your .vimrc include the following line:

set esckeys

| Lastly, does anyone know if mutt can be uses as a news client and have a
| URL for a howto on setting it up? 

No -- mutt is email only.  "Do one thing and do it well"


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