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Re: Questions about XFree86 4.x

On Thursday August 02 2001 11:42, Aaron Traas wrote:
> 4) in my /etc/profile, I add the line:
> 	alias ls='ls --color -F'
> This works very nicely at the console, but for some reason, when I'm in
> X, this doesn't work in Konsole or Xterm. I have to do an:
>  	exec bash --login
> Each time I open up a terminal to get this working correctly. This also
> happens when I use 'su'. Is there any way to guarentee consistent
> behavior despite login method??

This is easy to explain, and, in fact, you are doing the steps yourself. 
/etc/profile is read only for login shells. If you want commands from this 
file to work in any shell started in X (by default, X shells are not login 
shells), you can add 'source /etc/profile' in /etc/bash.bashrc. This file is 
used for the non-login shells. Sourcing a file reads that file.


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