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Re: Linux in the workplace: NT Domains [Konqueror]

On Friday 03 August 2001 18:23, Carl Fink wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 03, 2001 at 11:04:07AM -0400, dman wrote:
> > I thought Konqueror was a web browser.
> It's a hybrid web browser/file manager.  Yes, I think that's a bad
> idea, but copying Microsoft is apparently all the rage.

Personally I like it. File managers and webbrowsers are (for myself) the most 
used applications and there's quite a bit of functionality shared by the two.

I love the way I can just click on the "Folder" button (you have to add this 
one yourself, it's not on there by default) in IE and browse a needed network 

For linux, well.. I've hardly ever had reason to use a full blown file 
manager however when you have hundreds of computers who's resources you need 
to access every once in a while the console becomes painful at best, even 
typing in an URL in konqueror becomes a burden.

Surely, there is someone out there using Konqueror to browse shares in their 

There is a tab in Kcontrol where you can fill in a login, a password and a 
workgroup to use for SAMBA shares, no mention of domain though.

William Leese

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