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Re: Linux in the workplace: NT Domains

William Leese wrote:


Again, I'm asking help. With SAMBA how do I:

Login to the domain (pdc)

I haven't figured that out yet, but it'd be great to know, so that I could image a computer lab of 19 machines to be dual-bootable, so some of the students could get some exposure to Linux. (I'm also at a Helpdesk, in a University setting.)

View computers logged into the domain

"apt-get install smbclient"

edit /etc/samba/smb.conf so that "workgroup=" is set to your NT domain name.

restart samba with "/etc/init.d/samba restart"

mount shares with commands such as:
"smbmount //windowscomputername/sharename /somemountpoint -o username=yourNTDomainUserName"

(The "-o" and following is optional if you're logged into Linux with the same username as your NT domain username.)

Browse and manipulate shares (in Konqueror?)

I don't know of a way to do this directly in Konqueror; once you've smbmount'ed the shares, you'll just see them in K. as normal directories. I've played with a couple of GUI tools for mounting Win shares, but they were kind of "iffy"; I'm not sure of the names now, but maybe "tkChooser" was one, which can also mount Macintosh shares (assuming you have the necessary support built into your box).


William Leese


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