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RE: Linux in the workplace: NT Domains

We're Progressing. I've been able to login to the pdc and thus am able to
browse computers connected to the domain in Konqueror. However it asks for
my domain password everytime I change directories or computers.

Does KDE have some way of storing this? Or am I going about this wrongly?

So, I login into the PDC:

smbclient -L servername -U username%passwd

Then I get a list of all the computers connected to the domain (shouldn't
konqueror be using this?).

Run X and open Konqueror. Here, I'm unable to simply click "network" in the
sidebar so instead I type in the URL bar smb://servername, it prompts me for
a password (which I had already given when I logged into the PDC, so I
shouldn't have to do this) and continues to do so throughout my browsing (of


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> You have to join the linux computer to the domain, which
> requires some level of admin privilages.  (We'll assume you
> have those)
> %>smppasswd -j domainname -r NetBIOS-name-of-PDC  (which the
> linux box needs to be able to resolve, either by broadcast,
> /etc/hosts or your samba lmhosts file (which should be in the
> same directory as your smb.conf file)

No luck I'm afraid (yes, I corrected the typo :).

I used: smbpassd -j DOMAIN -r pdchostname

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