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Re: mail headers

On Fri, Aug 03, 2001 at 11:49:17AM +1000, Sam Varghese wrote:
| On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 02:46:14PM -0400, dman wrote:
| > On Fri, Aug 03, 2001 at 02:54:22AM +1000, Sam Varghese wrote:
| > | my mail username is sam. i log in to my workstation
| > | as samuel and the machine name is sammo. on mail which
| > | i send, a header "Sender: Sam Varghese <samuel@gnubies.com>"
| > | appears. why, is my question. 
| > 
| > This could be added by exim when it rewrites the envelope-from
| > address.  See /usr/share/doc/exim/spect.txt.gz for more details.
| Thank you for your reply. I changed the envelope-from address
| but the header does not change. Maybe I should edit /etc/passwd
| and /etc/shadow, change samuel to sam, reboot and then I won't
| have this headache.

I think your headers are fine.  

I noticed that there was the
    Sender: Sam Varghese <samuel@gnubies.com>
header which may be added by an MTA (I think exim does this by
default) when the envelope-from is changed so that the old information
isn't lost.  

There is an 
    X-Envelope-Sender: samuel@gnubies.com
header which appears to have the same meaning as the Sender: header.

In the Received lines there is

    Received: from samuel by sammo with local (Exim 3.12 #1 (Debian))
    id 15SU5V-0004mN-00    for <debian-user@lists.debian.org>; Fri,
    03 Aug 2001 11:49:17 +1000

This says that you are user "samuel" on machine "sammo".  The MTA is
"exim" running on a Debian system.  This exists only for
administrators to track down problems with mail systems.  It is just a
record of where the message went on its way to the destination.  From
the information you gave in your first post this all looks correct and
the way it should be.

Your From: line is correct and there is no Reply-To: header to
override it so I don't see a problem with your headers.


    Received: from mrsamu.lnk.telstra.net (HELO sammo) (
    by murphy.debian.org with SMTP; Fri, 03 Aug 2001 01:49:17 +0000

header indicates that the MTA on murphy.debian.org recieved the
message from your machine (the "HELO sammo" is part of the SMTP
protocol where your machine says hello to the remote machine and gives
its name).  I guess your machine has another name that
murphy.debian.org found using reverse DNS lookup.

| > | then there is a header "Mail-Followup-To: Sam Varghese <sam@gnubies.com>,debian-user@lists.debian.org". i can't understand why my address appears 
| > | in this line and would like to ensure that it is not there as i am
| > | subscribed to the debian-user list.
| > 
| > http://www.mutt.org/doc/manual/manual-6.html#ss6.3
| > 
| > Look for "followup-to" and "subscribe" and "lists".  If you have
| > "followup-to" set then messages to an address you are "subscribe"d to
| > will have only the list address in the Mail-Followup-To: header.
| > Messages to an address that is a "lists" (you are not subscribed to)
| > will include your address so that you get a CC.
| I've changed the settings in my .muttrc and hope it works okay now.

Your header looks like
    Mail-followup-to: debian-user@lists.debian.org
so it is correct.

| > | sometimes a header "samuel@sammo.gnubies.com" appears in addition
| > | to all those mentioned above.
| > 
| > Where is this header?  Is it in the "From" (not "From:") line in your
| > mailbox folder?
| No it appears lower down, but only very rarely.

I don't see that in the message I'm looking at so I don't know what it
| I neglected to ask one thing: what do I do in order to ensure that
| when I hit reply on any of the list messages, I reply to the list
| and not to the person who posted? Right now I have to change the
| to address manually every time.

As Colin said "L" is the "list-reply" command.  "r" replies only to
the original sender (or whoever is in the Reply-To: header if a
mailling list munges it) and "g" replies to all people in the To: and
 Cc: headers (maybe Mail-followup-to: also).


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