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Re: mail headers

On Fri, Aug 03, 2001 at 02:54:22AM +1000, Sam Varghese wrote:
| i have a problem with mutt (yes, another one) for
| which i would value some advice.
| my mail username is sam. i log in to my workstation
| as samuel and the machine name is sammo. on mail which
| i send, a header "Sender: Sam Varghese <samuel@gnubies.com>"
| appears. why, is my question. 

This could be added by exim when it rewrites the envelope-from
address.  See /usr/share/doc/exim/spect.txt.gz for more details.

| then there is a header "Mail-Followup-To: Sam Varghese <sam@gnubies.com>,debian-user@lists.debian.org". i can't understand why my address appears 
| in this line and would like to ensure that it is not there as i am
| subscribed to the debian-user list.


Look for "followup-to" and "subscribe" and "lists".  If you have
"followup-to" set then messages to an address you are "subscribe"d to
will have only the list address in the Mail-Followup-To: header.
Messages to an address that is a "lists" (you are not subscribed to)
will include your address so that you get a CC.

| sometimes a header "samuel@sammo.gnubies.com" appears in addition
| to all those mentioned above.

Where is this header?  Is it in the "From" (not "From:") line in your
mailbox folder?


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