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Re: Reiserfs in kernel2.4.7

Nice pointer about remiving the "experimental" flag.

However, I seem to recall the help on CONFIG_REISERFS_CHECK saying that
the internal checks are meant only for developers debugging reiserfs, and
are a big performance hit for users.  Maybe this is a "delete" option?

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, M G Berberich wrote:

> Reiserfs still is flagged as expermintal, You can change this in
> fs/Config.in:
>   dep_tristate 'Reiserfs support' CONFIG_REISERFS_FS $CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL
>   dep_mbool '  Have reiserfs do extra internal checking' CONFIG_REISERFS_CHECK $CONFIG_REISERFS_FS $CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL
> remove '$CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL' from both lines. Then reisefs-options
> will show up even if you havn't set 'Code maturity level options' to
> 'Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers'.

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