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RE: Network Drivers

> Thanks to those who helped, I've got the networking sorted
> now.  I'm having trouble getting on the net though with a machine
> that isn't authenticating to the domain server.

OK, sorted that, but I can't seem to download the files needed.  I'm
selecting network as the source, and the Download URL is as standard (which
I have checked with a browser).  The proxy is set to which is
correct, port is set at 8080 as standard.  I can ping the server, although
ping times are from 200ms to 1700ms and packet loss is substantial!  I get
the error message ...

'nf_http_fetchfile :: connect: Connection refused'

I tried port 80 (as it's http), but got a 404 error.  Am I doing this right?
The entire network is reporting slow ping times and large packet loss as
well (we've had to resort to ISDN today after BT broke our ADSL), which
could be the source of my problems.  I'd like to get it done today, but
would everyone recommend waiting until Monday when (hopefully) the ADSL will
be back up?


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