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Re: Ethernet

On Fri, Aug 03, 2001 at 12:24:36PM +0100, Ade Talabi wrote:
| Sebastiaan,
| Basically I have got a perl script that download stock prices daily
| from NASDAQ.  I give it the url of NASDAQ, in a perl script, it goes
| to the N site and downloads closing prices.
| something like a urlget->blah-blah-diblah.html

Sounds simple enough, IF the network is setup properly.

| This used to work on a SunOS box with no problem...

I suppose that Sun box had a nice direct connection to the internet

| Moving to a win98SE/debian, it just stopped working.

Well, it is probably the routing (sharing the internet connection)
that is messed up.

| I had to use Win 98SE, becasue my ADSL needs windows. If BT's cable
| modem supported on linux yet?  

Is it an internal or external DSL modem?  External ones usually work
fine because they provide an ethernet interface to plug in to.
Internal ones are more likely to have a proprietary interface and
require proprietary drivers from the manufacturer which, of course,
are only available for 'doze.

| I will change immediately, I just hate zonealarm for I believe it is
| the bane of my present predicament.

Sounds like it is the cause.
| There is no HOW-To on ZA as well. That is not good, for a free product.
| That NAT and proxy question threw me. It is ZA, so I guess it must
| be a proxy one, he does no transalation whatsoever, just a program
| that causes loads of headache

Can you provide more details regarding your DSL setup :
    o what make and model is your modem?  Is it internal or external?
    o how does your ISP provide your IP address? DHCP? PPPoE? static?
    o do you need to "logon" to your ISP or otherwise authenticate

We'll certainly try and help you get your DSL connection working under


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