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Re: Ethernet


Basically I have got a perl script that download stock prices daily from NASDAQ.
I give it the url of NASDAQ, in a perl script, it goes to the N site and downloads closing prices.

something like a urlget->blah-blah-diblah.html

This used to work on a SunOS box with no problem...

Moving to a win98SE/debian, it just stopped working.

I had to use Win 98SE, becasue my ADSL needs windows. If BT's cable modem supported on linux yet?
I will change immediately, I just hate zonealarm for I believe it is the bane of my present predicament.

There is no HOW-To on ZA as well. That is not good, for a free product.

That NAT and proxy question threw me. It is ZA, so I guess it must be a proxy one, he does no 
transalation whatsoever, just a program that causes loads of headache

Sebastiaan (S.Breedveld@ITS.TUDelft.NL) said thusly on [03/08/01 at 11:25]:

> On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Ade Talabi wrote:
> > Sebastiaan,
> > Machine A is the gateway, which also runs zonealarm.
> > I hate that name...
> >
> Hi,
> what kind of perl script are you using? Check the firewall rules on
> your windoze box. Is the gateway a NAT or a proxy?
> BTW: why do you not run the gateway on your Linux box? 
> Greetz,
> Sebastiaan
> > Sebastiaan (S.Breedveld@ITS.TUDelft.NL) said thusly on [02/08/01 at 21:35]:

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