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OT:Perl %= operator


I hope I'm not abusing list by asking this question here. It's the only
list I use regularly so I'd prefer to ask it here than go to a Perl
list. But if this is quesionable behavior please let me know.

I've been reading the most recent Randall Schwartz column in SysAdmin
magazine and his code has this line:
($start +=1) %=7;
If $start = 1 then I think that this line means 2%7. I believe that the
intended result is 2 but I'm just not sure what 2 % 7 equals. I know
that 7%2 = 1 but I'm not sure what happens with modulus when the 2nd
number is greater than the first. I've gone through about 6 books
looking for the answer but none of them consider the case where the 2nd
number is larger than the first.

Again excuse me if this is an improper posting.



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