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Re: Routing and pppd

You're a genius!  Commenting out the gateway line in interfaces fixed it

Thanks Sean.

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| * Patrick Kirk <patrick@kirks.net> (2001-08-02 22:00):
| > Finally managed to get the speedtouch ADSL modem working with my Woody
| > All works perfectly now save one non-ADSL glitch.  My routing is set up
| > use eth0 connecting to my win2k laptop and use it as a gateway. So apart
| > >from being able to ping ppp0 and the remote peer I can't use the
| > Now that I can use my Linux box to connect, I can cut out the win2k box
| > don't know yet how to set up the correct routing table.
| See "man route" for further information, but here's what I believe you
| want to do:
| You'll need to delete your current default gateway (the win2k box) and
| replace it with the default gateway of your ppp connection.  Try
| "route del default gw" and then "route add default gw <gateway ip>".
| If that works, then you'll want to comment out the gateway entry in
| /etc/network/interfaces (if you've got it set there).  PPP will set up
| the default gateway automatically for you (at least it does with
| Benoit's adsl script).
| > Can anyone help me?  What is the command to have local address read from
| > /etc/hosts and all others read from a remote peer that dynamically
| > IP addresses?
| This behaviour is controlled by /etc/host.conf.  It should have a line
| saying "order hosts,bind", which means that it will look in the hosts
| file first, and if the host is not found, it'll contact its first
| nameserver (which is defined in /etc/resolv.conf).  You can either
| enter your ISPs nameservers manually in resolv.conf, or make sure that
| you have the "usepeerdns" entry in your /etc/ppp/peers/adsl script (I
| believe this is the default if you use the script file in Benoit's
| tarball).
| Cheers,
| Sean
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