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Re: Root on RAID

hi ya george

for raid1....
	typically /dev/hda is copied to /dev/hdb

	- dont know why you'd wanna mirror a partition...
	( system will still be dead since the rest of the required
	( partition is not available

for raid5...
	/	/deb/md0 sda1 sdb1 sdc1 sdd1 sde1
	/tmp	/dev/md1 sda2 sdb2 sdc2 sdd2 sde2
	/var	/dev/md2 sda3 sdb3 sdc3 sdd3 sde3 
	/usr	/dev/md3 sda5 sdb5 sdc5 sdd5 sde5
	/home	/dev/md4 sda6 sdb6 sdc6 sdd6 sde6
	swap	/dev/md5 sda7 sdb7 sdc7 sdd7 sde7

and now oyu can unplug any disk... and the system will still function
properly in degraded mode... replace that bad disk and it wil resync
itself....and you're back in buiness

have fun raiding
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On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, George Karaolides wrote:

> On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Alvin Oga wrote:
> > to do "root raid".. you need to use the "raid" partition type
> > and NOT ext2 ....
> Yes, I'm clear abou this, my raid patritions are type FD, "Linux
> Raid Autodetect".
> > you might want root raid5...so that if one disk dies...that you can 
> > still boot off of the remaining disks
> >
> > you might want to just do root raid1...so that if one disk dies...
> > you can still boot off the "mirror"
> > 	- lot easier to install/configure than root raid5
> Er... Hmmm.. (quick clearing of throat and wiping egg off face...)
> RAID levels:
> device    mountpoint   level
> ------    ----------   -----
> /dev/md2    /boot      RAID1
> /dev/md0   / (root)    RAID5
> The system is booting from RAID1 (/boot).  I didn't know you could
> actually boot from RAID5.
> I will have a look at the URL you specified.

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