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Re: centrally managed bookmarks for multiple users, accessible from everywhere?

The easiest way to have a shared "bookmark" is to just have a "links"
page... just raw HTML. Your users could connect right to it by typing it
in, could make it their home page, etc.

A more advanced step would be to write something like a PERL CGI or a
PHP program to allow the users to update the page. Even more advanced
(Perhaps overkill) is to store the info in a MySQL database, and have
the page generate automagically. MySQL would not actually be the program
listening, your central machine would have a webserver running for the
users to connect to.

If you want to integrate the bookmarks into a browser, just have the
clients synchronize their bookmarks file with the "master" file, either
manually or through a cron job. The actual transfer could be ftp, wget,
rsync, etc. If you've got NFS mounting, you could have some neat tricks
with an NFS mount and symlinks, etc...


Walter Tautz wrote:
> I was wondering if it would be possible to keep bookmarks
> on a central machine where one could access and change them
> via any browser than can ``connect'' to the bookmark server.
> To elaborate:
> It seems to me that one could adapt a standard database program
> like mysql that listens to connections from the network
> to centrally manage bookmarks from a multitude of users
> in such a way they could add and delete entries from a browser
> running anywhere. Perhaps the newer opensource browsers will have
> a module like this?


Rich Puhek               
ETN Systems Inc.         

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