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Routing and pppd

Hi all,

Finally managed to get the speedtouch ADSL modem working with my Woody box.
All works perfectly now save one non-ADSL glitch.  My routing is set up to
use eth0 connecting to my win2k laptop and use it as a gateway. So apart
from being able to ping ppp0 and the remote peer I can't use the connection.
Now that I can use my Linux box to connect, I can cut out the win2k box but
don't know yet how to set up the correct routing table.

Can anyone help me?  What is the command to have local address read from
/etc/hosts and all others read from a remote peer that dynamically assigns
IP addresses?
Patrick Kirk
GSM: +44 7876 560 646
ICQ: 42219699

PS - if anyone else is struggling with a Speedtouch ADSL modem,
http://benoit.papillault.free.fr/speedtouch/user.en.html has a little
application that runs in userland so no need to mess about with special
kernel patches and tweaks to pppd.  Very helpful mailing list as well.

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