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Re: debian solution's for donated computer

On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 09:30:29AM -0500, destruss@iowatelecom.net wrote:
| Hi all:
|  anchordesk ran a story that ms is still considering win3.1 as their
| property and not to be used even for donated computers for charity

=p.  How nice of them.  What a nice donation too.

|  My question is what should be included on a computer that is 
| being donated to give a new user experience and use of an old 386 
| or more?  Dean

Debian is Free Software -- you have the freedom to do what you want
with it.  (It just so happens that usually Debian is also $$ free)  I
think it would be great to put debian on an old (or new) machine to
donate to someone.  The only downside is the steep learning curve of
Unix-like systems.  If there is a unix-knowledgeable person to
administer the system and teach/guide new users then Debian would be
great for it.  (The stability is a bonus you get for free <wink>)


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