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SCSI termination (was: Re: freevxfs?)

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert L Harris <Robert.L.Harris@rdlg.net> writes:

Robert> Ok, I'll learn to read one day. Right now I'm trying to figure
Robert> out why high IO locks this machine up dead tight (which
Robert> requires a FSCK of a dirty disk, thus the thought of vxfs)...

It's probably a hardware issue.

Robert> Got a good link on scsi termination? I've got the last disk
Robert> doing term power and that's it so I'm now confused.

Search for `scsi faq' on google. I don't know the exact URL.

The `term power' bit sounds wrong to me: this will set the device so
it supplies power to the terminator. It is only needed if you have a
very long SCSI chain. (Normally, the adapter card is able to handle

You have to enable termination (usually labeled `term') on the last
device on the bus. Some disks don't have a jumper, so you might need
to buy a separate terminator.

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