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Re: Deb-Newby: Read HOWTO's?

At 03:12 AM 08/02/2001 +0100, Brett Parker wrote:
On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 08:59:21PM -0500, d wrote:
> LURKER here again, what is used to read the HOWTO files? All of the ones I > have on my system are ******.gz, I know that means compressed. What to use
> to uncompress?  When I used to work on UNIX systems you used a command
> called "compress" with different switches to do that or to uncompress.
> As usual one for the road, if those that are NOT a user nor a programmer
> would put in the "Subject" some thing like what I have installed would help > MOA find the ones with the 'HOLD MY HAND' instructions and save me and I am > sure many others much time searching for thingys that could be useful to me/us.

cough, suggestion, zless. it'll probably be installed... failing that,
gzip -dc filename | less



or zcat filename.gz | more

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