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Re: wondering about xpm and png files... (2nd try)

At 17:57 2001-08-01 -0700, you wrote:
np. at least I got a reply very quickly...anyway, two hopefully not dumb questions... 1. Where can I get the source-tarballs and/or packages and what are they called?
 2. What did you mean by "a given package."?

OK... a good bet to find the source tarball / package of a program is to check at www.THE-PROGRAM.org (where 'THE-PROGRAM' is of course the program you wish to find icons of). In my previous example that would have been www.windowmaker.org

This might not work for EVERYTHING, but many major applications have a web site in the .org top-domain-level (TDL).

The expression I used, "source tarballs for a given package" meant : "the source tarball for the package you're looking for" .

Hope this helps,


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