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Re: Removing a sound module?

* glynis@butterfly.hjsoft.com <glynis@butterfly.hjsoft.com> spake thus:
> i've also found on occasion, my sound drivers will get corrupted after
> a suspend/resume on my laptop.

My laptop's sounddriver can occasionally start spewing out noise
(crackling) along with the sound, and usually the sound is also limited
to the right speaker (less often to the left one). I had the problem
with mpg123, and it still exists with xmms.

> fuser didn't show anything using the device, but when i checked my
> processes, esd was sitting there pegging the cpu. when i killed esd, i
> could remove and reinstall the sound driver (maestro3) and sound would
> work again.

I found that just pausing xmms, or pressing any of the right/left arrow
keys to fast-forward or rewind a millisecond fixes the problem. I have
no idea what causes it, and my windows-friends are not impressed :-(

> fun to tell people you are tracking an uptime on your laptop.

yeah, me too :P


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