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Re: Will my modem work?

>.... The important question is: does the modem use a real hardware
>port, or is the port emulated by a special windows driver? Look in
>device manager in the same where COM and LPT ports are. If you can find
>a COM3 there (maybe, some windrivers emulate good), look at its
>properties. If it is using default IO and IRQ settings (IRQ=4, IO=2e8 or
>3e8), then you are lucky, otherwise it is only a software-emulated
>interface and you are out of luck.

Well.  When I checked in the Device Manager-> Ports (COM & LPT) section
I see only COM1, COM2, LPT1.  So I guess I am out of luck.  :-(
What I have is, what are called, a winmodem afterall!  Psst.

Thank you for the response.


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