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Re: nVidia users help needed

>>>>> "Geoffrey" == Geoffrey Romer <gromer@hmc.edu> writes:

    Geoffrey> In addition, you probably want the nvidia-kernel-src and
    Geoffrey> nvidia-glx-src packages. The documentation for those
    Geoffrey> packages (in /usr/doc/package-name) should explain how
    Geoffrey> to install them. You do need to be running unstable or
    Geoffrey> testing, though.

    Geoffrey> The documentation for nvidia-glx-src will describe the
    Geoffrey> changes you will need to make to XF86Config (in
    Geoffrey> particular, "Driver" needs to be set to "nvidia," rather
    Geoffrey> than "nv".

Question: I have a RIVATNT2 card with 32Megs RAM, and I tried for the
first time to use 3d graphics acceleration.

It sort of works, but:

a) I got this thick yellow (with black stripes) vertical line that
appears in the bottom right hand of the screen.

b) GL xscreensavers all seg-fault when run full screen (but work fine
when run in a Window.

I tried disabling AGP, but that didn't seem to help. I reverted back
to the nv driver, but the same problems still occurred (except now the
cursor was also corrupt), and the only way I could fix this was by
rebooting the computer.

Any ideas?

(oh, one more thing, what is device-3dfx? Do I need that? What does it
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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