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Re: Link between newsgroup linux.debian.user and the debian user mailing list ?

On Fri, 27 Jul 2001, Yves Dessertine wrote:
> Le Vendredi 27 Juillet 2001 19:25, hzi hzi a écrit :
> > 	It's not a stupid question. Here's the deal: everything you post via the
> > mailing-list gets posted to the news server.
> > 	The other way around is not so. That is, you might post via news, but it

Hmm... tell whomever set up the damn news gateway to set it up so that
replies to the newsgroups are mailed to the mailinglist OR delivered to
/dev/null, and it will work in a saner way.

Of course, should he screw up and cause a mail loop, the entire news gateway
will most probably be forcibly removed from the Debian MLs, and blacklisted.
There is very, very little tolerance for misconfigured news gateway AFAIK
(due to previous episodes of breakage).

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