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Re: Browser Problem

On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 09:26:06AM -0500, Leonard Leblanc wrote:
| Hey Guys,
| I am trying to find a browser that interprets html very close to the same way 
| as Internet Explorer.  The reason I am trying to find this is I am a web 
| developer and absolutely love using linux except I find it hard to know what 
| the page is going to look like under windows since most people who are going 
| to be going to the site(s) are going to be running windows.
| Anyway, any thoughts/past experiences you can share with me on this one would 
| be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps IE will run under WINE?  (Then again, IE probably uses some
undocumented API that WINE doesn't yet implement).  Or use VMWare or
something else so that you can see what IE will do.


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