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I did it a mess with perl

Hi Friends,

I'll be a long reading for you!

As an absolute beginner with Perl I've been having a go at using Perl
& DBI to connect to an Oracle server. therefore I neede to download
and install from www.cpan.org the DBD::Oracle and the new DBI.......

*The Sad Story*

Reading the poor documentation under my debian potato 2.2r3 and the
copious documentation on Perl (www.perl.org), perldoc and CPAN, and
following the advice in dbi-users@perl.org list, not finding the
command 'cpan' in my potato installation, I finally issued:
	perl -MCPAN -eshell

which (unfortunately) started a brand-new compilation and installation
(using, upon my silly declaration, /usr/bin and /usr/lib) of perl
(5.6.1), and of the DBI and DBDs I'd asked for.

*The bottom line*
So, now I have that strange, confusing mixture of a perl 5.005 coming
from a deb package and a perl 5.6.1 compiled from tarballs in CPAN
under the same /usr/bin and /usr/lib. Obviously the perl command was
overwritten during the compilation by version 5.6.1.

*Your suggestion for a way out*

Because I need various DBDs which are not included in the deb files,
is there away to fix perl as it is now in my PC?


I luckily did a complete backup of my system tarring all the main dirs
on another linux box via NFS. Therefore I could have a chance to
recover my initial, working greatly, stable configuration. But....

what should I do to install a new DBI and many DBM and whatever else
stuff from CPAN which are not included in the deb packages?

Vittorio :-((

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