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Re: Remote file systems

try copying them to /etc/init.d/
that should work, i had to do that.

On Friday 20 July 2001 19:45, Keith O'Connell wrote:
> Hi,
> I have recently installed Debian on a Dell laptop I have here. It has
> largely gone according to plan (laptops are never straight forward!).
> The
> problem came when I tried to share some directories. It seems that
> unlike other machines I have installed Debian on, the laptop does not
> load at boot up time the daemons "rpc.nfsd" and "rpc.mountd". I find
> that I have to load them by hand each time I boot the machine up
> 	1: Why would they not be set-up to load at boot time?
> 	2: How do I correct this so they *do* run at boot time?
> Anyone help here?
> Keith
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