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From: "Guy Geens"

> It's very hard to be a Linux user and avoid vi completely. :)

I'm sorry if I appear to be a nitwit; but I'm rather fond of AE. Now I have
this itsipitsy problem (so do you now by the way). My Balsa broke. As a
result to that  I've looked into MUTT as it goes around here on a regular
basis... But I have a HUGE problem with VI(M) as it is to much, just like
emacs. Is there an alternative?

Because just for mailing with different mailboxes the learningcurve of Mutt,
Procmail (don't get it but I will) AND Vi(m) is as steep that it makes me
fall off (as you can probably notice).

Also if you could set me up a sequence in how to tackle the mountain ahead
of me..........muchos gracias


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