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intentional mail-slowdown on murphy.debian.org?


Since postmaster@debian.org didn´t respond for a week or so, I thought 
 someone round here might know if my perception that
 murphy.debian.org[0] lets connections sit in the below state for
 approx. 3-5 minutes is a general one, or if it´s just a problem on my 

sendmail: TAA30329 murphy.debian.org.: client greeting

Now I´ve tested this also by hand, confirming it:

waldner:~$ t murphy.debian.org 25
Connected to murphy.debian.org.
Escape character is '^]'.
<some 3 minutes>
220 murphy.debian.org ESMTP
helo ka.graffl.net
<normal responses from now on>

Is this some intentional barrier against wannabe-spammers (such as not 
 realizing that they could also stuff their mail into master.debian.org 
 which responds quite fast), or something completely different?

It´s certainly not a DNS-lookup-problem, at least on my side 
 everything´s ok in that direction.

(from a box in a different AS)
waldner:~$ host ka.graffl.net
ka.graffl.net           A
waldner:~$ host
Name: ka.graffl.net

Any hints? I ask because I find it somewhat annoying that when I answer 
 some question here, until the answer finds its way to the list (which 
 is slow anyway with who-knows how many subscribers) most of the time 
 several other people have also answered the question. This could
 easily lead to "why bother answering? Surely someone has already
 anyway.", I fear :/ ...

-- Those who think they know it all are
-- very annoying to those of us who do.

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