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Re: Getting dselect and apt-* to work from a local file system

Am 14. Jul, 2001 schwäzte Joost Kooij so:

> Try to run update again from the dselect menu.  If you keep having
> problems with the integrity of the /var/lib/dpkg/available file, please
> post again.

I don't think he can. I think this is the case where debian has no net
access, but can get stuff off another filesystem via duel-boot with an OS
that does have net access.

While it would seem good to give debian net access :), he apparently can't
for some reason.

So, now we know dselect needs /var/lib/dpkg/available. Is that simply a file
that's downloaded? Is it something that's built from other files?

I think he needs to know how to get the content via ftp or http and then how
to build /var/lib/dpkg/available by hand.

I don't know how.

Also, could he just edit the one he has and take out one or both of the
offending entries?


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